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Debbie Wiseman has composed the “Bastards” score

May 22, 2013

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The brilliant and prolific composer Debbie Wiseman has written a note about writing the music for my film….

As soon as I heard about Deborah’s film, I knew I wanted to compose the score. Deborah envisioned moving, uplifting music, with a northern African flavour, to follow the emotional, personal stories as they unfolded; and as I watched the rough cut I was immediately inspired to write a main theme for Rabha. Once I’d composed the main theme, the rest of the music flowed naturally – the film is moving, heart-breaking, touching and full of hope in the face of adversity, so it was easy for me to follow and musically reflect these moments. I composed for ethnic flutes, guitar, percussion, harp and a full string section, and the different musical themes build and develop throughout the film alongside the stories.

It’s been a hugely rewarding process composing the score for BASTARDS. We recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and our hand-picked specialist musicians, at Angel Studios in London, with Recording Engineer Steve Price. It was a real delight to conduct the orchestra and hear them perform the music live in the studio.

Debbie Wiseman

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