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Mission accomplished!

December 31, 2012

Thank you. Merci. Shukran. The goal has been achieved.

Thank you for your generosity and humanity. Support has come from around the world from my family and friends, fellow documentary makers and broadcasters, and people I have never met or heard of, from all walks of life, from America to Australia to Afghanistan ….. women and men, Muslims and non-Muslims, Moroccans with personal experiences of suffering as an illegitimate child themselves, and Westerners simply touched by their situation.

The total raised is £10,158, from 204 backers. There have been 4542 views of the video. I have 161 followers on Twitter, having started my account a month ago, I have many likes and comments on my new Facebook page, and numerous Moroccan online papers have featured the film, as well as the Western Mail here in Wales, and the Sheffield Documentary Festival chose to feature Bastards as a project it loves on its Kickstarter page. Now that’s quite a result!

Happy New Year. I’ll be in touch again with news of the next stages of production of the film.

Deborah x

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