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December 11, 2012

TODAY = 30% OF THE GOAL, 88 BACKERS, 112 FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER IN JUST 10 DAYS. And many many Twitter conversations. Here are some of my favourites…

Saleem: are you Muslim ??? Deborah: No I’m not Muslim. Did you watch the video on my Kickstarter website? Thanks. Saleem: i seen video that you tweeted and liked it. You have selected very beautiful topic. Keep it up, we are with you

Murat: is the phrase women’s rights insufficient to serve your purpose or r u trying to make some other point? Deborah: It’s about women and children in Morocco where the Muslim family code has been reformed to give more rights

Wardina: I see sincerity. May your documentary pull through.

Wiaam: et les anglais eux n’ont ils pas des sujets tabou ?! Deborah: Mais bien sur! Quel pays est parfait? Je suis interesee au maroc ou les droits de femmes avancent, j’espere Wiaam: Salut et merci pour l’interet que vous portez au #maroc sure je vais voir la video merci

Debbie: Good luck in getting the funding needed for your film! I would like nothing more then to see the world shame these men!

Marvi: “No one suffers more than the believing women”

MUSAWAH ‏@musawah That’s just brilliant! And commendable. All good wishes.

Mehdi: Levée de fond de @DeborahPerkin pour finaliser son Doc sur les mères célibataire du #maroc Deborah: Merci beaucoup pour ton aide, merci bien Mehdi: j aurais aimé participer plus. Bon courage , ce n est vraiment rien , un RT. Si jamais tu passes par casa, dis le moi. Merci

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